The Australian and New Zealand branch of the IAFR was formed in 2018.  There is little known about the scope of forensic radiography practices in these countries and there is limited awareness of how forensic radiography cases are managed and recorded. We aim to promote awareness of forensic radiography throughout Australia and New Zealand and provide a network for radiographers to seek support and education within this field.

The branch is working to:

  • Establish current forensic radiography practices in Australia and New Zealand
  • Develop guidelines for best practice in forensic radiography
  • Provide opportunities for professional development and education in this field
  • Create a network of radiographers undertaking forensic radiography
  • Establish a Forensic Radiography Response Team of trained forensic radiographers to be deployed within Australia or New Zealand, in a disaster situation should Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) processes need to be carried out