Date: 18 Dec 2019

Location: Online

The Use of Imaging in Archeaology & Anthropology - Dr. Charlotte Primeau

Charlotte holds a BSc in Forensic Anthropology, an MSc in Human Identification, an MSc in Diagnostic Radiography and a PhD in Forensic Medicine and Anthropology.  Since training as a Radiographer, Charlotte works for the NHS in Scotland where she also performs post-mortem imaging.  Prior to training in Diagnostic Radiography, Charlotte worked as an anthropologist at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Copenhagen, where she performed CT scans and dental imaging of human remains.  She has also worked with imaging of archeological human remains for the National Museum of Denmark and for the National Museum of the Faroe Islands and acquired dental images of archeological juvenile remains in the Netherlands.


Biological anthropology, also known as physical anthropology or forensic anthropology is the study of the physical remains of humans.  Recent times have seen an immense increase in the application of medical imaging, especially CT, within biological anthropology.  This presentation will illustrate how plain-film radiographic imaging and CT can be applied to human remains and what information can be gained to aid identification in forensic cases or reveal life histories in non-forensic cases.  The presentation will illustrate how skeletal remains can be analysed to establish identifiable markers, visualise pathologies and provide information on cases as modern or ancient.  Other imaging techniques for biological anthropology will also be reviewed.

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