Date: 26 Jun 2019

Location: Online

Wednesday 26th June, 18:00 (BST)


Rubber Bullet Injuries in South Africa - Dr. Steve Naidoo (Independent Forensic Pathologist, Durban, South Africa - Formerly Professor of Forensic Medicine, Nelson Mandela School of Medicine, University of KwaZulu Natal)


The indiscriminate use of rubber bullets causes significant bodily damage when the upper extremities of the body are injured. 

In our cases, firing at contact range caused severe injury, with significant long-term effects.  In others: injury subsequent to stampeding; from stun grenades causing disfiguring skin burns; one suffering the loss of an eye; and another a cleric shot at his place of worship. 

Internationally, projectile-type “less lethal” weapons have caused serious injury, permanent disability and death.  One study described 3% of deaths, 15,5% permanently disabled, and 71% with severe injuries.  Greater than 50% of deaths and more than 85% of permanent disabilities arise from strikes to the head and neck. 

The talk focuses on experiences after the Fees-Must-Fall 2016 protests at SA universities.  Being very visual, it will leave the audience in no doubt about the propensity of crowd-control devices to cause severe injury and death.

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