Date: 28 Apr 2020

Location: Online

Post-Mortem CT - Amy-Lee Brookes

Amy is the Lead Post-Mortem Radiographer at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and has extensive experience in adult post-mortem imaging, including plain-film, CT and angiography.  Having previously worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, Amy also has vast experience in paediatric forensic imaging, for both living and post-mortem cases.  Amy also holds an MSc in Forensic Radiography from Teesside University. 


In recent years the use of post-mortem imaging techniques has increased significantly, particularly the use of post-mortem CT (PMCT) for both coronial and home office cases within the UK. In some jurisdictions PMCT has almost completely replaced the traditional post-mortem examination for coronial cases, although it is currently only used as an adjunct for all home office post-mortem examinations. This presentation will look at the use of CT in a dedicated NHS PMCT unit, including the set-up of the department, scans undertaken and case studies.

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